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Payment processing that connects businesses with multiple payment processors, banks and payment service providers who compete for your business.

Our Story

We hate payment processing fees. Its taxation without...well without #$%&. Our founders have battled the Goliaths against these egregious fees and monopolistic rules for years. Out of each battle, determination and wisdom led us to realize the greatest weapon society has against these hidden giants is CAPITALISM.

What if we helped shift control to the private owners of the companies they serve. What if we let the FREE MARKET control these runaway processing fees.

So we married the success of LendingTree with the flexibility of Stripe to bring a free market to payment processing where business owners and managers take control of their processing costs. Payment processors across the globe can compete for your business. Welcome a new era of payment processing! May the best processor win

I added Knox Secure to my website and it seems every month a new processor offers me an even lower rate than the last.

John Lipkin

I don’t know who my payment processor is and I don’t care as long as they get the job done. What I do care about is how much it costs me. I’m absolutely confident I have the lowest processing pricing until the next processor offers me lower.

Sarah Barnes

Truth in Processing

Our mandate: We promise to promote the informed use of payment processing costs requiring full disclosure by the processors serving you about theirs terms and costs to standardize the manner in which costs associated with payment processing are calculated and disclosed. Knox Secure introduces the AMDR, Absolute Merchant Discount Rate, calculation mandate for all payment processing providers and mandate the kind of information payment processing companies must disclose regarding their processing or other services. Simply put, no more tiny print.

Link to: Payment processing full disclosure requirements
1. All fees, fines and penalties possible.
2. How AMDR could rise in the future.
3. Risks of loss caused by processor.

Why hasn’t this become law like the Truth in Lending Act?

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