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Why must I have a payment processing broker? Every successful business owner knows one thing, “I can’t do everything?” Brokers provide much needed customer services and education to their clients. Our experience has taught us that most payment processing providers have limited or no valuable customer service. Faced with the most important aspect of most businesses, “Getting Paid!”, having a broker on your team to resolve questions or issues is mission critical!!

If you don’t have a broker, don’t worry. We will connect you to our brokers and their wealth of knowledge and experience. Don’t forget to rate your broker. Getting the best broker can be as important as getting the best payment processor.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do i get paid?
  • Assign each client your mark up.
  • Assign each new processor an origination fee.
  • Assign each client a minimum monthly fee.
  • Commissions paid by 3rd party marketplace apps & service providers
What are my responsibilities?
  • Educate - explain terms, explain risks, explain costs.
  • Customer support - answer questions, train customers.
  • manage their needs.
  • Help - client rev more, integrate.
Can I lose a client?
  • With the right pricing, personality and service...NO. Clients may change brokers
Why Knox?
  • Non-exclusive
  • 1,000s of processors.
  • Superior product.
  • Join and approved in minutes.
  • Assigned sales engineer.

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